A few weeks ago I was watching the Golden Globes and I couldn’t help but notice how many double takes I was doing.

I know its no revelation that Hollywood has a certain “look” (aka ‘really really ridiculously good looking’ in the words of one Derek Zoolander) but I felt like it might be time to send a post out into the old blog and see if I’m taking crazy pills or if some of these pairs might really be secretly clones or related.

Now, for the sake of avoiding the ire of the interwebs, I realize that many of my selections are quite distinct in age, body type, and even ethnicity. I’m going only on facial appearance/ mannerisms (a first glance). So bear with me and have fun for pete’s sake.


  • *** Clones!
  • **Must be related…
  • *Double take
  1. Brie Larson/ Amy Poehler

Verdict: ** (two doppels)

I did a full on stare at the screen when I saw the Room/ United States of Tara actress, CONVINCED that the comedic icon was somehow traveling through time and space…

2. J.Lo/ Zendaya


So I used a super old picture of JLo when she was playing Selena to try to get closer to disney star/ pipsqueak singer Zendaya’s age (is she like 14 going on 40?). I also realize that they have very different body types, etc. HOWEVER when Zendaya was on DWTS I kept getting vibes of vintage Bennifer era JLo, so it makes the list.

Verdict: * (one doppel)

3. Alicia Vikander/ Emily Blunt


Verdict: ** I held off on the third doppel because I think this pairing might be slightly as a result of some of the logistical items (styling, hairstyle, types of roles, etc.) I’m still struggling for Emily Blunt to be anyone other than her The Devil Wears Prada role as… Emily? To be honest I haven’t seen Vikander, star of The Danish Girl, in anything other than that Globes red carpet yet, so I reserve the right to later increase or decrease doppels accordingly.

4. Liza Weil/ Maura Tierney


This one drives me absolutely crazy, to the point where if I didn’t stop myself I would be looking up photos on google image all day long until I found satisfactory pictures… I crave the validation of others on this one!

The verdict: *** the elusive triple doppel! Am I off my rocker? Perhaps fans of the Gilmore Girls/ How to get away with murder actress and the Liar Liar/ER/ The Affair star have noticed this double play?

There’s more where this came from, but that’s all for now… and as always thanks for indulging me!

What do you think? Are these celebs orphan blacking us? Do you have other celebrity doppelgangers in mind?


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Stop to Smell the Roses

An evening walk…

rose 1 rose 2 rose 3 rose 4 rose 5 rose 7

Summer doesn’t last all that long in Minnesota, and even when it is here, some days are not so summery (like flash floods and thunderstorms today). Seize the moment for some fresh air and fresh sights and smells. I shared this walk, in a way, with my Dad, as we chatted on the phone while I strolled around.



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Yesterday (Sunday) my school took a little field trip with a famous herbalist in order to learn some medicinal applications for plants both homeopathically and in other branches of medicine.

The day started out very stormy, and we were skeptical about the herb walk and how it would all pan out. Nonetheless we got on our galoshes and put our hoods up as we set out into the park.

We did get ourselves a bit of rain, but the heavy canopy of trees kept us mostly dry. As we slop slopped through the mud onward down the trails, the sun slyly crept out to greet us.

And as it did so, we were suddenly met by some of Minnesota’s greatest and most famous beauties…


tw2 tw4

(I threw in a field of horse tails for good measure- as the backdrop for the lady slippers as well as some irises and wild calla lilies, it was truly special). The rain stayed away for the rest of the afternoon, too.

What a lovely “sun”day surprise!

Have you ever seen our lovely state flower, the showy lady slipper? This is only my second sighting of them, and the most spectacular by far!


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Think outside the box…

and grow outside the fence!



Last night was the perfect evening for a walk. The weather was making me happy all day (sneaking in little sun breaks throughout the day, as was chatting with my neighbor, a friend, and of course man-go-round after my evening stroll. I was inside studying too early to be howling at the “honey moon” but I sure did enjoy the entire day.

How do you “grow outside the fence”?


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Jump, Chive and Wail

Today my sister sent a photo of chives and their flowers to me and my family. I love it- its so full of life, color, and movement.

She also included several fond memories of the house we used to live in that were filled with a similar energy and liveliness.

I enjoyed reading her reminiscences, and I felt momentarily like an outsider because (as the youngest sibling), I couldn’t remember a lot of what she was mentioning. After I looked at the photo again, I started to remember some of my own memories, which I then sent on to my family.

The strongest memory of these lovely little herbs is of picking them (drawn to them by their orchid purple hue, the pantone of the year!) and of bringing them into the kitchen. My mom then cut or chopped them and we used them for some culinary use. At the time I only paid attention to their wonderful and unique odor. Looking back, I am realizing that this was the seed being planted in my consciousness about the relationship between humans and the earth.

Years later, I study plants as part of my homeopathic education. I am working to get closer and closer to the earth in a world that wants to be separate and sterile. Instead of resisting things that might bring me into a relationship with the textures and aromas and energy of the earth (and ground me), I am inspired today to connect with it.

Thank you for your contribution, sister, and to all of the family and friends who have been participating! I’m having a ball.



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Keen Green Machine

For most of my adult life, I’ve liked to joke that I have a black thumb.

Marigolds have died under my careful watch, pointsettias may not make it to the new year, and there was that savage hydrangea waterboarding accidental overwatering of easter 2014 (may she rest in peace).

I thought I was going to have to add another to the list, the hanging basket that my lovely momma bought for us (on mother’s day, no less) for our new home. After a few weeks of watering and dead-heading, it was looking pretty grim.

I don’t want to push my luck, but I dare say lately it has been perking up a bit, and yesterday my neighbor even commented on how good it looked (though I do suspect there is a possibility that she has been sustaining/ feeding it with plant food behind my back to save my self-esteem).

This morning as I stepped out into the sprinkling rain, I looked up and saw it looking pretty darn happy, and I wanted to snap a quick pic to send my mom and others to show that we needn’t give up too soon on a plant (or ourselves).

hanging plant

As I told man-g0-round last night, I’m not perfect, and I don’t want to be. I’m a work in progress (I’ll quit before I start to sound like Matthew McConahey’s oscar acceptance speech).

What is your happy today?


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aller-gee whiz

There are pros and cons to being one with nature.

Because I’m focusing on happiness, that’s all you’re going to hear about/ see from me today.

(and for those who have been keeping up, my eyes are just peachy today. windows closed at night it is…)

So here we are. This is what has been inspiring me and making me feel happy all weekend (aside from my lovely friends and family, who I am gracing with their anonymity and leaving them faceless and nameless to the blogiverse)

  1. Cows out in the country (the nearest one looked at me for a good minute)
  2. Flowers given to me from man-go-round while on an evening walk just now
  3. The creek running high (out at the cabin for an early father’s day)
  4. Finally hung some pictures I had made out of photos taken in the old ‘hood
  5. This awesome tree
  6. The rest of those turnips I was raving about (now you can see them for yourselves)


flower happy


pictures willowturnips
























What inspired you or brought you happiness this weekend? What is something in the natural world you find beautiful?




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turnip the volume

I’ll keep this one REALLY short and sweet because of this headache/ eye ache thing that has joined me today…

the journey of my happy inspiration today started last saturday at this farmer’s market (as seen from above):


where I bought some “white radishes” which the woman informed me were actually small, sweet turnips.

It continued last night when I prepared some of them for a stew I was making, at which time I also tried them raw.

Wow. I thought that they would be bitter like a radish, and very crunchy. They were, in fact, quite delicious and not bitter, and had a slightly crunchy but slightly creamy texture. I always forget how much better food tastes when it comes just a short distance from a local farm, too.

So the rest of the turnips and ALL of their greens remain in my fridge for something to be cooked up tonight. Thus, my happy inspiration is just enjoying the knowledge that I have delicious food waiting for me, and that I can afford to shop for the food I want, and that I have a kitchen and home to prepare it in with/ for someone I love.

Turnip the volume, turnip the flavor! Photos to come, maybe, if I remember…

Well that wasn’t short at all. I guess I’m feeling more like myself already 🙂

Be happy my little radishes!


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crappy to happy

Onward to day two of slap-happy.

I needed this today. I ended up a little (okay, quite) cranky after a frustrating call with satan a certain notorious internet provider. For reasons unknown to me (I am just assuming they like to waste peoples time and lie to them at this point), they have changed our rate/ package again with no reason (we’ve had service with them for less than a month and it has been a 1st world nightmare).

So…. I took a little walk to let off some steam, get some vitamin D, and what did I find to bring me the happies?


I turned a corner into a wall of lilac aroma, gently wafting into my orbit. I snagged a branch to bring with me in hopes the zen moment would last a bit longer, and help me with my happiness meditation for the day.

I should note that I was already happy several times today (driving with the windows down, listening to David Bowie and the Black Lips, etc.), but that this was the first time of the slap happy experiment in which I needed to change my thinking and stop the negative energy surrounding a situation that was, frankly, stupid and beneath me and this one very short life we’re given on earth.

So day 2 is a meditation on the earth, and how it grounds us.

Thank you nature!


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