Remember This? episode 4

It’s time for another dose of nostalgia and wonder. It is time for another installment of “Remember This?”

So far we’ve covered Waldo and BOOBLESS, Hanson and gumballs, Animaniacs and those mutant Quiznos lemurs… so what could be next? Today I have another grab bag of forgotten 80s/90s treasures for us all.

Remember This? episode 4

1. Surge. I was deep in my “extreme” phase when this mountain-dew on speed soft drink came out. I wore wraparound sunglasses, basketball jerseys, and slicked my hair back in ponytails like Steven Seagall (hey, it was elementary school, give me some credit). The commercials were always 10 kinds of obnoxious Sean White-esque “extreme” energy and coolness. In reality, this stuff was basically carbonated Nickelodeon slime. RIP, Surge. I still carry your spirit in my diet mountain dew habit…


2. Passions. Before Jesse Metcalf was on the new version of Dallas or taking his shirt off as the gardener on Desperate Housewives, my best friend and I tuned into this bizarre soap to get our fill of “Miguel.” There were witches, warlocks, and creepy talking dolls. Over the hill characters saying over the top sexual innuendos. I have no idea why this soap got cancelled a few years later…


3. Clear phones. Long before smart phones and ipads, before that annoying Nokia ring that haunts my high school memories… there were “land lines.” Let me explain. Little girls grew up wanting their VERY OWN PHONE in their room so they could chat with the girls they spent all day at school with, followed by all afternoon outside with. Later on, they wanted a phone to talk to BOYZZ! For awhile, there was a trend of clear phones that you could see through. My older sister had one and I was HELLA jealous. Mine ended up being a pretty dope purple and teal model, but I never got over this phone lust… just kidding, I’m doing okay.


4. Super balls (aka bouncy balls). These are not exactly a thing of the past. Just a month or so ago one of my kiddos at work brought one of these obnoxious rubber balls (filled with a blinking light) in to our session. I had to put myself in my former teachers’ shoes and accept the karmic hell for the remaining 50 minutes. These are stupid and annoying, the end.


5. *69 and *67. Yes kids (imagine Ted’s voice from How I Met Your Mother when I say that), there was not only a time before cell phones, but a TIME BEFORE CALLER ID!!! What was a girl to do if she wanted to determine if her crush had been behind the ringing phone as you walked in the door one minute too late? DIAL STAR 69 of course! Oh, the simpler time… of course, for us pranksters, there was always the option for the caller to dial *67 before dialing to ensure that the call would be reported as anonymous or unavailable. Mischief managed!


Did you terrorize teachers with superballs? Did you guzzle Surge in hopes of becoming the next wakeboarding phenom? Did you dream of breaking up Miguel and his beloved Charity?


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19 Responses to Remember This? episode 4

  1. Hahahahahaha *69 and clear phones! Those were the good old days!

  2. This is hilarious! Of course I remember the awesome clear phones. They were the subject of every 12-year-old girl’s fantasies! It’s funny to think that we’ll have to explain *69 and *67 to younger generations. Do prank calls even exist anymore in the age of cell phones? If not . . . that’s a crying shame. 😉

    • Meri says:

      it’s been a long time since I prank called anyone- we used to do it on our dorm phones in college, and use the microsoft type-in/ voice creator to be “anonymous” except it pronounced everything funny.

  3. Terri says:

    We had one of those clear phones although ours ended up in the toy box…where my girls eventually took it apart.

    • Meri says:

      I was always curious how “functional” a lot of the colorful inside parts were, and if they added stuff to make it more interesting looking.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Passions! I watched that in college. Such a weird soap!

    • Meri says:

      we always thought the other soaps were boring, but I remember rushing home after tennis practice with my best friend in the summer to watch passions… timmy and tabitha and creepy julian crane, and crazy teresa in love with ethan crane.

  5. I didn’t know about *67 but I do remember *69 and wanting to do it. But never had the chance too. My main memory is hearing people on TV or in real life threatening prank callers that they’d *69 ’em.

    I also remember Surge, superballs, and clear phones. Not sure I had a Surge (we’ve always been a cola family) but I do have a bunch of bouncy balls somewhere. All pink, of course. 😉 Not sure I wanted a clear phone although I thought they were cool; didn’t really have friends to call or boys to call me.

  6. Amber says:

    Ok, I owned a clear phone!! It looked just like that too. I had it by my bed. And my friends and I used to mix Surge with Pop Rocks, and we thought that we were really, really cool. Rebels even. And Man oh man, *67 and *69 were so amazing. That an 3-way calling!! Hahaha

    These posts are so amazing. I love them!

  7. thais says:

    oh! the clear phones…. I so remember those. they were the coolest thing 😉

  8. Kristina says:

    CLEAR PHONES!!! I remember how excited I was when my mom finally let me have a phone in my room…it was green though, not clear. Very disappointing :/

  9. More delicious 90s goodness. Thank you, Meri. Thank you. 😉

    Surge haha. I remember that crap. And I remember Passions too, I think, although I wasn’t allowed to watch it at the time. Wasn’t that the soap with the midget?! Or am I think of something else entirely? It was on during the late 90s/early 2000s right??

    And I remember 69 and 67 very clearly. Slumber parties in middle school were spent dialing our crushes and hanging up immediately, haha.

  10. Errign says:

    I remember all of these things and totally LOL’d my way through reading this post!

  11. I definitely guzzled down some Surge!

  12. oomph. says:

    I had one of those clear phones!! And a really long cord that went all the way outside to the living room because I didn’t have a phone jack in my room then!

    And other than *69, I don’t remember any of the others!!

    Anastasia of Beverly Hills-Giveaway

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