Shake your bunny maker!

Bad pun, sorry…

Anyway, today I just wanted to pop online and share a few very simple Easter crafts before Sunday for you last minute crafters…

First off, Easter Egg Maracas using dried beans as the “rattler” and decorated for my lovely nieces and nephew…



Then next up, we have some laminated egg cards... Just trace an egg shape onto some patterned paper (or make a design yourself, like I did) and then use the lovely 3M laminate sheets to plasticize them. You can use a sharpie on one side to write your message:




So there you go! Now go on and make some Easter-y or Springtime crafts and tell me all about it! What springtime crafts or outings do you have planned?


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10 Responses to Shake your bunny maker!

  1. Simply Life says:

    fun craft! happy easter!

  2. Ada says:

    You are so artistically inclined. Those cards are gorgeous!

  3. Jasmine says:

    Love the idea of egg maracas! My nephew would love those … though I’m not sure my sister would love them as much, haha.

    I hope you had a fantastic Easter, Meri!

    x Jasmine

  4. Raymund says:

    Those cards are cute and easy to make

  5. decoybetty says:

    What a great craft! I love the maracas!

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