My case of Homeopathy vs. Anxiety

Those of you who know me know that I am currently studying (classical) homeopathy. A lot of peoples’ first question (after, “wait, what is homeopathy?”which I covered a bit here) is inevitably, “How did you get into homeopathy?”

It is a worthy question, and one I will answer at length some day (because I think it is important for me to share my opinions on medicine and health in general, and my feelings might surprise people), but it is not the purpose of today’s post.

Today’s post is my own personal experience with homeopathy, specifically with the impact it had on my symptoms of anxiety.

First off, I happen to work in the mental health field currently, so I understand well the range of meanings that “anxiety” can mean in this world. I also understand and believe that every person’s experience with health of any kind is very individualized. Thus, I’ll break down for you my specific experience and symptoms:

  • Repetitive, compulsive, and relentless negative thoughts and worries centered around my physical health (usually related to my previous emergency surgeries but also frequently about other “diseases” that I would come into contact with in the context of working with kids and families). This worry started just with me and then started to extend to worrying about loved ones’ health and a few other areas of worry including driving and the weather.
  • Unexpected and frequent crying, edginess and irritability
  • Irrational beliefs that wouldn’t go out of my head

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, I would like to add a second little “disclaimer” to make clear that I don’t have judgmental feelings about other peoples’ choices about how they handle their own personal health (mental, physical, etc.) I can’t say I never judge others because I don’t think that is honest or accurate, but I do believe that each person should make their own decisions about their own health and the health of their dependents. I am not opposed to pharmaceutical drugs, other alternative treatments, or the various forms of therapy that exist to treat anxiety or other symptoms of dis-ease.

Okay, now that we have all of that out of the way, what the HELL is this post trying to get at, anyway?

Well, there is a lot of negative press happening about homeopathy these days. For those of you that haven’t already shrieked “witchery! paranormal NONSCIENCE!!!” at your screen yet (and yes, those are real things I have read about something I feel very passionately about and continue to study), here is my own personal experience. Keep in mind that I try my best every day not to judge others who act in ways I currently believe are not the healthiest.

I do not have the physics background to even WANT to attempt to understand what was happening scientifically/ energetically/ medicinally/ chemically, but I DO have the ability and interest to share my personal experience. Why do I feel compelled to do so? Not to try to “sell” anyone on what I’m studying, but because  because at the risk of sounding like a total nut, it was amazing, and if I have the opportunity to relieve a single person from feeling the way I have felt, it is beyond worth it. Here goes:

Meri vs. the Anxiety

TWICE in the past year I have had overnight, life altering reactions to taking a constitutional (as opposed to acute) homeopathically prescribed remedy. We’re talking one day I am almost constantly worrying, can’t concentrate on anything and am throwing things out/ laundering/  crying/ being a general lunatic as a response to my tortured state, and the next day (literally! and I don’t use that word often) feeling like “myself.”

Over. Night. Reactions.

The first time, I shared my symptoms listed above in my initial visit with my homeopath. I kind of thought my reaction could even be a fluke, since I had also discontinued taking hormonal birth control recently, and I didn’t really know which caused the dramatic reaction. I didn’t give a lick because it was gone! This was back in February of 2013.

I felt only day to day feelings of anxiety until fall of 2013. After several external stressors in my life started to build up, I was presented  with another health trigger that I was pretty sure would drive me crazy (I do have man-go-round as a witness to the magnitude of this; I did try to keep it under wraps around others). I called my homeopath and she quickly told me to take another dose (to be clear this was not my second dose, I had repeated doses of the remedy in between, but it was the first time I had felt strong anxiety symptoms since that initial dose). Again, within 24 hours I was feeling like “myself” again.




The only way I can describe the feeling is that I suddenly felt like the layers of adult BS had been peeled off, a veil of darkness taken off, and I was feeling like I hadn’t felt in years. While my own experience with anxiety was fairly moderate for 5-6 years and then suddenly became much stronger after a few very stressful life events, being treated homeopathically truly made me feel in control of my health again, and like I was finally just free to be me. It has now been almost two months since that dose and I continue to feel pretty peachy and content each day (despite cold and flu season, an old-me trigger)

That is most likely not the last “round” of my fight against “anxiety,” but it is where we place the bookmark for today.

If you skimmed to the end, here is the gist and the most important point:

I don’t care if you “believe” in homeopathy. I know it is a lot to accept if you are used to black and white thinking, and the status quo of medicine. I don’t “believe” in a lot of things, but I do use and benefit from them anyway. I truly believe homeopathy can do a lot of good for people both in acute situations (thank you arnica!!) and in deeper chronic conditions (like my story in this post).

I don’t care if any of you ever tries homeopathy (or any other thing I feel is beneficial for the body and soul), but I hope you will at least keep an open mind and not believe the first slander you hear. I’m still open to the wonders of the world, and I invite the world to keep learning and exploring with me every day.

Please do comment or contact me if you have any questions or an experience with homeopathy, anxiety, etc. This blog will always be a safe place to share any experiences!


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4 Responses to My case of Homeopathy vs. Anxiety

  1. Angela B says:

    I was brought up taking homeopathic remedies, which remedy helped you that you spoke of in this post?

    • Meri says:

      Actually, since I am a student of homeopathy my homeopath is holding off on telling me my constitutional remedy for now (I am the type to overanalyze and overthink and overworry) but I do know that it is in the plant kingdom :) The only other remedies I’ve taken have been acutes- calc phos when I had a stress fracture and arnica for when I’m accident prone! I could go on and on for days about the things I’ve seen in school though! Good to hear your experience- thanks for sharing!

      • Angela B says:

        I’ve hardly heard of a homeopathic remedy that isn’t from the plant kingdom, but I also haven’t studied homeopathy.

        • Meri says:

          there are also many from mineral and animal kingdom- more studied all of the time (I’m actually in the midst of a study on a new (double blind so I don’t know what it is) remedy right now!

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