turnip the volume

I’ll keep this one REALLY short and sweet because of this headache/ eye ache thing that has joined me today…

the journey of my happy inspiration today started last saturday at this farmer’s market (as seen from above):


where I bought some “white radishes” which the woman informed me were actually small, sweet turnips.

It continued last night when I prepared some of them for a stew I was making, at which time I also tried them raw.

Wow. I thought that they would be bitter like a radish, and very crunchy. They were, in fact, quite delicious and not bitter, and had a slightly crunchy but slightly creamy texture. I always forget how much better food tastes when it comes just a short distance from a local farm, too.

So the rest of the turnips and ALL of their greens remain in my fridge for something to be cooked up tonight. Thus, my happy inspiration is just enjoying the knowledge that I have delicious food waiting for me, and that I can afford to shop for the food I want, and that I have a kitchen and home to prepare it in with/ for someone I love.

Turnip the volume, turnip the flavor! Photos to come, maybe, if I remember…

Well that wasn’t short at all. I guess I’m feeling more like myself already 🙂

Be happy my little radishes!


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6 Responses to turnip the volume

  1. Penny White says:

    Yum, I gotta try these. And you are right, vegetables from Farmer’s Markets are so much better! My crappy to happy event was feeling bad that I didn’t visit two of my daughters and one grand daughter today because my leg was all sore and ache filled but instead I checked off almost all my to do list of items that didn’t require strenuous labor!

    • Meri says:

      I am glad you did- sometimes those days help so that you can have those things done for the next visit, right? or my visit, in this case 🙂 I hope your leg is better today. I took my second dose this morning and I’m feeling pretty much better. Of course it helps that I slept for 9 hours…

  2. libby says:

    Sounds like you need to make a dish with those radishes in them when I am around! Yes I did just beg you to make me food! I hope you are feeling better!

    • Meri says:

      yes they are soo good! if I can find some I’ll bring some to grandcation for (raw) snacking… the greens weren’t anything special, they just tasted like beet greens or some of the other less flavorful greens (or in my case, garlic and lemon, since those were my cooking flavors). If you ever see “sweet turnips” that are just all white and the size of radishes, grab them! and I am feeling better today- I was having an eye pain/ headache and burst a blood vessel but I took a remedy and its gone today so I’m happy again 🙂

  3. Jen White says:

    This is an important one, Mers, and fun to read, as always. We are so lucky when food is a source of joy and not stress. Love you!

    • Meri says:

      Agreed! I am so relaxed by the act of chopping, cooking, simmering. C jokes about the amounts of garlic I use but he always likes how it smells (or tastes, if he eats my exotic vegetarian cuisine haha). Love you too.

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