Jump, Chive and Wail

Today my sister sent a photo of chives and their flowers to me and my family. I love it- its so full of life, color, and movement.

She also included several fond memories of the house we used to live in that were filled with a similar energy and liveliness.

I enjoyed reading her reminiscences, and I felt momentarily like an outsider because (as the youngest sibling), I couldn’t remember a lot of what she was mentioning. After I looked at the photo again, I started to remember some of my own memories, which I then sent on to my family.

The strongest memory of these lovely little herbs is of picking them (drawn to them by their orchid purple hue, the pantone of the year!) and of bringing them into the kitchen. My mom then cut or chopped them and we used them for some culinary use. At the time I only paid attention to their wonderful and unique odor. Looking back, I am realizing that this was the seed being planted in my consciousness about the relationship between humans and the earth.

Years later, I study plants as part of my homeopathic education. I am working to get closer and closer to the earth in a world that wants to be separate and sterile. Instead of resisting things that might bring me into a relationship with the textures and aromas and energy of the earth (and ground me), I am inspired today to connect with it.

Thank you for your contribution, sister, and to all of the family and friends who have been participating! I’m having a ball.



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2 Responses to Jump, Chive and Wail

  1. libby says:

    I am so pleased to see that it seems that all of us have fond memories of chives. It is one of my favorite things to spot when things start to grow in the Spring, I suppose because it is one of the few things I know the name of! We just purchased a MN Wildflowers field guide so that I could better name the flowers while out on walks with Toonie! My small step to be out in nature more. Maybe a garden next year:)

    • Meri says:

      I am yet to have a garden too- maybe we can get into it together next year 🙂 I’d love to go on a wildflower walk with you and the toonster!

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