Stop to Smell the Roses

An evening walk…

rose 1 rose 2 rose 3 rose 4 rose 5 rose 7

Summer doesn’t last all that long in Minnesota, and even when it is here, some days are not so summery (like flash floods and thunderstorms today). Seize the moment for some fresh air and fresh sights and smells. I shared this walk, in a way, with my Dad, as we chatted on the phone while I strolled around.



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2 Responses to Stop to Smell the Roses

  1. Penny White says:

    Yes, you are right! We must snag whatever sunny pleasant moments we can during this rainy season. Beautiful flowers honey!

  2. Meri says:

    I am hoping tomorrow will be another one of the “nice” days- it took me about 3 hours to dry off after getting soaked this morning 🙁

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