By Topic!

Starting October 1st, 2011, Meri-Goes-Round is a blog dedicated to a different topic each weekday, with weekends a bit more lax.

For the first year of Meri-Goes-Round, the topics were organized by month. Here are the archived topics if you know what topic you like!


Quotes and Books: September 2011

Television: August 2011 

Rants and Raves: July 2011

Meri Going Round/ Photography: June 2011

Listmania: May 2011

Food/ Munch Madness Bracket: April 2011

Music: March 2011

Craftstravaganza: February 2011

Travel: January 2011

Celebrations: December 2010

Word Nerdery: November 2010

Sensory: October 2010

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