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Don’t be a B.R.A.T.

Today’s topic (the infamous stomach bug and subsequent BRAT diet to cure oneself) is not one of my favorite topics, but this past week it… “came up.” (groan, I know…) Since I don’t particularly like any of the components of the BRAT … Continue reading

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Good (from the) Earth

Funny story. I blog yesterday about my feelings about entering giveaways, entering contests, and so on. What do I find first thing this morning? @GoodEarthTeaGood Earth Tea Congrats @merigoesround @fitnspicy for winning our latest TEA-shirt giveaway! Please DM us your mailing info. Holla! … Continue reading

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Do you have the guts?

…Or should I say, do you have gut troubles?My entire family has “digestive issues,” ranging from Crohn’s Disease to IBS to the odd lactose “semi-tolerance” as I”ll call it. None of us should probably eat peanut butter, but most of … Continue reading

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jack frost…

…was here… (Don’t worry mom and dad, this is in the hallway window. My home is nice and toasty inside!) Welcome, December! Your first day sure was a brisk one. The elmer fudd hat will be out in no time. … Continue reading

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