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ET phone home

Greetings Readers and Friends- It’s fight night!  grammar police vs. shameless botchers of the English language old guard vs. cutting edge queen’s english vs. newspeak it’s getting ugly people- we’re pitting one part of speech against another…  note the holiday … Continue reading

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the village idiom…

battles the almighty euphemism in today’s post!In one corner, we have the humble idiom, rising from uncertainty to confuse English Language Learners and put pepper in our gumbo (for example).  See? that one is “straight from the horses mouth” aka … Continue reading

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British Invasion

‘Ello Mates! Right, then, how about a spot of photos from today’s walk?? (heavy british accent if you can’t tell here…) After hundreds of a few reads through of Bridget Jones Diary, Harry Potter the series, and various other Nick Hornby/Jenny … Continue reading

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