Okay okay okay- enough of me blabbing about Munch Madness (part 2) and not sharing anything… it’s time to get this party started! Last time we played, I went UBER healthy and pitted fruits against vegetables for an epic battle.

It was all fun and games, and fruit/ strawberries won in the end.

This time, I’m not feeling quite so healthy. I’m feeling kind of naughty… it’s time to raid the candy jar!

So how we’ll play is that one side of the bracket will feature chocolate bars and chocolatey treats, and the other side will include more traditional “candies.” In the end, the best of each world will meet in the middle and will face off for the ULTIMATE confection.

Willy Wonka ain’t got nothin’ on me… So here is the breakdown:

looks like a tough competition! We’re all sure to have a sugar high by the end of this!

Just for today, since this is the inaugural match, we’ll do one battle from EACH side of the bracket:

Place your votes:

1. Snickers vs. 3 Musketeers

2. Skittles vs. Starbursts

What are you waiting for- VOTE!



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29 Responses to Candyland

  1. Terri says:


  2. 1 would have to be Snickers!

    2 would have to be Skittles!

    Dang this is going to be so much fun! I remember last time, and I loved it!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Snickers and Skittles

  4. Melanna says:

    Oh I totally want to be annoying and ask what KIND of skittles?? Because depending on the colour of the bag, it would change my vote… But I think I’ll pick skittles only because starbursts have that super hard to open wrapper that bugs the heck out of me (talk about over thinking it!)
    And snickers. Definitely snickers.

  5. 3 Musketeers for sure! I’ve been in love with that chocolate bar for years.

    The fruity/traditional candy is a little hard as I love both Skittles and Starburst. However, Skittles tend to make my jaw hurt when I eat even a handful at a time and I’ve loved Starburst for almost as long as I’ve loved 3 Musketeers. So my vote goes for Starburst.

  6. Sooz says:

    3 musketeers. And skittles. But not the green bag, those I can’t take. Red or purple bag. Yummm, oh I want chocolate now, and skittles. Yes, Skittles, I want skittles (I believe I’m talking to myself).

    The Sugar Bowl, I love it! You should call some oompa loompa’s to sing in the middle time. They can do the wiggle wiggle. Just pictured that in my mind, not a good image :S

  7. Raymund says:

    Snickers and Skittles for me

  8. Andi says:

    Fun!! I vote for snickers and skittles (original).

  9. definitely snickers and starbursts!

  10. Marissa says:

    Well, this is way more fun that fruits and veggies. 🙂 Snickers and Starbursts, for sure! 3 Musketeers are a sorry excuse for chocolate.

  11. Kristina says:

    First one is easy – Snickers hands down!
    I had to think a little longer about the second one but in the end I’m going with starburst 🙂

  12. Three Musketeers, for sure!! And ahh, snickers vs. starbursts is a hard one! I’m going Starbursts (fave reds). 🙂

  13. Snickers and Starburst!! 🙂

  14. Lisa says:

    3 musketeers for sure and starburst (but that was a REALLY hard decision).

  15. Tatiana says:

    Oh, I’m totally a 3M and skittles kinda gal. Even though I do enjoys starbursts as well :=)

  16. Brittany says:

    SNICKERS AND SKITTLES! Now I want candyyyyy!

  17. Cindy says:

    ohhh total mood thing with the snickers/3 muskateers so at the moment 3 muskateers wins.

    and SKITTLES all the way

    yay for naughty!


  18. Jane says:

    Snickers and skittles!!

  19. oomph. says:

    i know this is late, but just saying…snickers & starburst.


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